Aims & Objectives – AG BIBLE COLLEGE

Aims & Objectives


a). The AG Tamilnadu Bible College stands in the Evangelical and Pentecostal tradition. It seeks to assist young men who sense a call of God in their lives in spiritual, intellectual and social development to go forth with the gospel of Jesus Christ into the needy areas of the country with a view to pioneer and pastor churches. They are also equipped for Christian services as evangelists, teachers, missionaries and other areas of Christian leadership.

b). The College seeks to encourage every student to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the course of their study. Various spiritual activities are designed to provide oportunities for the students to find greater meaning and direction in academic and all other activities of the college.

c). Subjects related to the Bible, Christian Theology, Religion & Society, Church History, Evangelism, Practical Theology and Missions are taught in the classes to inculcate a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures, and the Christian doctrine. Special seminars conducted by senior pastors and missionaries enable the students to keep abreast with the current trends in spreading the gospel. The comprehensive exams conducted prior to the graduation help to recapitulate the subjects covered throughout the course.

d). It is one of the main concerns of the college to see that the students are helped to build up their Christian character. Through the programmes of the college such as mess – management, leading and preaching in daily chapel services, supervising the campus duties, assisting in library works, etc., the students develop creativity, learn responsibility and assume leadership. Emphasis is placed on personal integrity, sincerity and concern for others through their participation.

e). As the students involve in the week-end ministries they have the opportunity to interact with the local church pastors and other Christian leaders. Such ministerial engagements prepare the students for their chosen career even while they undergo training. They learn to preach, lead worship services, conduct children’s ministries etc., through these programmes of the college. Most of the existing churches in and around the city of Madurai have been pioneered by the students through such week – end ministries.

f). Students come to the Assemblies of God Tamilnadu Bible College from various parts of Tamilnadu, and neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The college’s community life of the college provides practical lessons in love for neighbours, tolerance, respect for authority and inculcates a sense of responsibility.

g). Along with academic and spiritual emphasis the AG Tamilnadu Bible College encourages the students to care for their physical needs also, thus maintaining a good balance. Proper diet, sufficient rest and relaxation, work, sports and games, help the students to maintain healthy minds and bodies. h). Every year after the graduation, students are sent in teams to various churches throughout Tamilnadu and elsewhere in the country for summer evangelism for a period of one months. In the remaining period of the summer, they do internship in their local churches. The students raise the needed funds for summer ministries on their own initiative. This gives ample opportunities to preach and to prepare them for full time ministry in their later life.

i). Missionary Awareness: It is one of the objectives of the AG Tamilnadu Bible College to implant a true missionary vision in each student through field and research experiences.